Caudalie Beauty on Board

1 Dec

Caudalie beauty on board is a beauty kit with a set of five skin and hair products that comes with a zipped bag to carry them in. A lady needs to have such a kit for convenience at work or when travelling. A mirror must be in the bag, the only thing not included in the beauty kit. It is described as a ready-to-go kit packed by the manufacturer. The assorted elements is formulated to be carried along and to keep the lady equipped with treatment and for the best of an impressive look.

Beauty of the kit counts. The pouch has a clear window to as a display of its content. The kit first has a bottle of cleansing water. This cleansing water is soap less but has three very important components in its formulation. It has a toner to keep a uniform skin tone, a cleanser that does away with dirt and a make up remover. What an all inclusive liquid! With some little cotton wool or a wipe, all the three processes are carried out at a go and the face is left fresh with its pores open

Caudalie Beauty on BoardFleur de Vigne Shower Gel is the second. A shower gel is a natural skin revitalizing gel. It made form plant extracts and it is soap free. This product does not affect acid base balance but it naturally soothes the skin during a bath. It is gentle and lovely, soft on the skin. It contains aloe, known to heal the skin and keep it smooth and for its natural scent.

A body lotion is the next item in our take away bag. It nourishes the skin cells and hydrates the body. It has natural oils derived from the grape-seed mixed with glycerin that retains skin moisture. Moisture in turn allows microcirculation that keeps the skin supple and prevents pre mature aging. This is the best oil for all who want to keep the youthful look on their skin. Our package has the perfect assorted products in a lovely twenty dollar price! This seems unreal. It’s a bargain.

Next in the line is the hair shampoo. We love to present the hair having a nice sheen. Grape seed oil and Jojoba oil grace the product. Apart from cleaning hair, it fortifies and nourishes hair owing to the wheat proteins and sunflower oil which protects the sculp. These oils leave behind a sheen we all love.

Finally, there is a Pulp Vitamin that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. This, like the gel above keeps the skin supple and prevents aging. It has grape seed oil and fern. The best thing about all the content of the formulation is that they are natural soft. All chemicals known to cause skin irritation are not included in the kit formulae. Caring for the soft skin never became easier. This portable kit ensures that we live our life the way we desire it to be, wherever we go.

Twenty dollars? Yes, this is the kit on the go price. It can be presented as a gift to a treasured friend or spouse. All that goodness is worth having to keep the lady look alive and boost the confidence through our inner contentment and visible beauty.